All of the fish you catch while on your Door County fishing charter are gutted on the boat and packed in ice for freshness. We will also fillet and bag the fish at the dock if requested.

If you are here on vacation and don’t have either the means or the desire to fully take care of the fish you catch, the Fish Market is a great option. Hickey’s Fish Market is a local commercial fishing operation that does it all! They sell a variety of fish and seafood and do a wonderful job processing trout and salmon

You can have your fish filleted or steaked, vaccum sealed and flash frozen that day. Fish will stay freshly frozen for a full year.  If you have a couple of days they do an excellent job of smoking fish as well. As a service to you, the first mate on will fill out the appropriate paper work and drop the fish off to be processed for you. You can then pick up the fillets, steaks, etc…when you’re ready to leave town. You pay Hickey’s for their work at this time and they will pack your cooler with ice and all your fish. This is a wonderful service that we highly recommend. It is the best way to ensure your fish don’t go to waste.

If you are fortunate enough to catch an extremely large fish and wish to put it up on the wall, Hickey’s can freeze it whole in a walk in freezer. Taxidermists and shipping of fish can also be arranged.
8099 Ridges Road, Baileys Harbor, WI 54202
Mon – Sat  9:00 am – 4:00 pm      920-839-2136
Cash only.