Baileys Harbor is surrounded by some of the best scuba diving areas in Lake Michigan.  We provide transportation to and from the wreck so that you can experience the best scuba diving in Door County.


Ocean Wave
Scow schooner.  Sank in 1869.
Depth:  110 feet

Frank O’Connor
Wooden hulled ship, over 300 ft long, 12 ft diameter propeller, 3 engine cylinders measuring 20”, 33” and 50” in diameter, 27‘ rudder
Sank in 1919.
Depth:  65 feet

Schooner,  111 ft long.  Sank in 1896.
Depth:  19 feet

Christina Nilsson
Three masted schooner, 139 ft in length, 26 ft beam.  Sank in 1884.
Depth:  15 feet


2 tank dive, $400 up to 4 divers
5 or more divers, $85 per diver

Please call for reservations.  Scuba dive trips will only operate weather permitting.  If trip is cancelled due to weather, all money is fully refundable.

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